Need Acoustical Consultant or Sound & Noise Consulting?

Kvernstoen, Rönnholm & Associates (KRA) is one of the leading architectural acoustics consulting firms in the upper Midwest.

KRA strives for acoustic excellence, while seeking to balance the realities of budget, visual aesthetics, utility, and performance

KRA has provided acoustical consulting services for over 1,000 projects throughout the United States and abroad.

Expert acoustic consulting services to support architectural planning and design

Although KRA is widely known for their work with auditoriums and performing arts facilities, the firm has also worked extensively with educational facilities, libraries, commercial buildings, churches, court facilities, athletic facilities, and government buildings.

KRA – Commercial Acoustics Services

Five areas of acoustics in which KRA has expertise and experience are as follows:

Control of exterior noise sources, such as chillers, generators, etc.

From mechanical equipment and footfall noise.

We are here for your Acoustical Solutions: Soundproofing & Noise Control

It starts with us carefully listening to the owner and architect in order to understand the users’ requirements and expectations for the space.